Kianz Froese

Times of Corona

Corona has made many people reflect on their existence, their time spent on this earth, if they lived a life of meaning, if they have experienced love. I think it has forced many people to stop and breathe. For me, it hasn’t changed much. I already spend a lot of time alone. I’m truly enjoying this global pause because I am able to take some time off from my job and focus on building other projects. It has become evident that it is much more exhausting to have the element of competition every day in your life combined with exercise and an ego. It makes for a full day of often torturous thoughts about how to achieve perfection on the pitch. Currently I don’t have those kinds of feelings. I think its important to notice that I do feel like I have a lot more energy and an enhanced imagination during this time of chaos for many. 

I’ve seen death take my father. That is why I don’t fear it as much. I often feel that I have lost what was dearest to me. So I don’t fear loss of anything as deeply. I have learned to deal with these kinds of feelings and still find my own purpose. Fear of loss is a motivating force for much of the panic during this global pandemic. Fear of not spending time with friends, fear of missing out, fear of losing your job, fear of existing and listening to your own thoughts. Many people are also afraid to lose their wealth, the lives that they are so accustomed to. 

I think this virus has shown how poorly prepared we are as a race to deal with what is to come. We haven’t taken global warming seriously and countries are still operating as solo entities. “Oh that’s their problem”, they say. I think that we need to be more human. This is a WE problem and I think the capitalistic system has issues. It’s evident that governments often just print money whenever there is a possible threat to the global economy or to their own. The US has 22 trillion dollars worth of debt and no proper plan to pay it off one day. The rich often get bailed out because they employ many working class people and are too big to fail. If you’re lucky enough to become a part of the elite, the world is your oyster. You do what you want and there will often be someone there to catch you when you fall.  Unfortunately that’s not the situation for the vast majority of people. It sometimes feels like we live in a game of Monopoly. We live within the confines of the system established for us. Those who play it best live the best. Is that the best approach for our race moving forward? Does capitalism really work??  Are we really free?

I think many things will change. People will be trusted to work from home, an expected global recession will happen, maybe even a depression. I think a lot of corporate wealth will be lost. However, I think it will make for a more conscious society, a society that has asked itself why we do what we do. I truly hope we rearrange ourselves to work hand-in-hand with our planet as we are all brothers and sisters on this earth. I hope we come somewhere close to this kind of a realization and try to preserve our habitat instead of continuing to destroy it. Corona has been an important warning sign. I hope we pay attention. In the future it might just cost us our species. Together will always be the way. 

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