Kianz Froese

My Story

What I’m Doing Now?

I’m currently playing soccer in Germany for FC Saarbrücken. I love playing soccer here. It’s a very different world in terms of soccer. German soccer is much better than Canadian and American soccer. People actually care about the game here. They live it and are passionate about it. I love that.

I run an ecommerce system with my partner, AmazonFBA. 

I am involved with coffee production in Cuba which I will be creating into a personal brand in order to increase the scale of the coffee plantation to many more hectares.

I’m an investor in MARBL restaurant which has been featured in Forbes and is a very popular spot in Toronto. It is one of the top restaurants in the city.

I’m an investor in the FitPlan App, which over the past few years has become a leading fitness App.

Why I am Doing This?

I play soccer because I love it. It gives me my daily dose of joy as well as some job security for the duration of my contract, which usually isn’t very long. I enjoy the feeling I get when I touch the ball and I’m able to run. All the stresses of the world seem to fade away for me. Money in terms of soccer isn’t important. I play because I love it. That’s it.

I do business because I am a pro soccer player who plays for the love of the game, not for the cash. The amount a player is paid often shows how much a team values you and in what kind of role you will be deployed. Job security is sometimes uncertain. For the initial years of my career I depended on soccer financially for everything. I thought I would always have a team. I thought it would make a good career. I thought I’d be the biggest player ever. In a sense I may have been right. Soccer in the countries I come from isn’t very good. Canada has virtually no soccer culture and Cuba is even worse. So, since I have not grown up in a soccer playing country I think I can say I have achieved something. I am doing everything I can to continue to grow financially and as a person while taking care of my family in every aspect that I can.

The Long-Term Plan

I am a bit of a free spirit. I make some money and then I invest it. I believe in talking to people and building new projects every day. I find a lot of joy in that as well as seeing where soccer will bring me. It is very hard to pinpoint the path I will take in sport as it is impossible to predict what will happen.

My long-term plan is to build and expand all my projects as extensively as possible. It is hard to predict how big they will become. It takes time to build wealth. If I become a millionaire/billionaire I can really influence society. That’s been my secret goal. I don’t think any of my current projects will scale to be that big, but I’m a strong believer of shooting for the stars. If I don’t make it, I will at least be in a better spot than where I am today. Once I achieve a high level of wealth you can be certain I will be a philanthropist. It’s only truly possible to be a good philanthropist if you have the money, unless you want to go work in Africa and make a difference that way. I would love to do that too, but I think I can make a bigger difference by focusing on building wealth now and later building projects that have a bigger impact because they have many people working to achieve them.

Overcoming the Challenges

I think the challenge is reaching my goals and scaling my businesses. The only way to overcome this is to stay with it day after day and year after year. I will continue to search for solutions. As I grow in life and learn and educate myself it will only become easier as the knowledge and the systems develop with time. PATIENCE is a very important skill. I am learning and within that lies the key to life.

The End Goal

My end goal is to have multiple millions of dollars in funding available for a cancer/disease research centre that focuses on incorporating unconventional healers with modern day medical science. There are so many things that happen and so many stories of healing in non-traditional ways. These people do things that modern day medicine is often not able to accomplish. They use nature. They communicate with third dimension beings and entities. They are curing some diseases that have never had a cure. Of course, this does not happen to a 100% rate, but when modern medicine proclaims you dead and you live until you are 80 or 90 taking scorpion venom every day, then help me god, there is something there!!!

This would be my project: Top holistic healers, top spiritual healers, top scientists from around the world working with the top medical doctors. We can find cures and help the world. All profits and cures found should be sent into the world at cost. It is not about a profit. It is about saving lives. This will be needed in the future as people contract more diseases and there more epidemics as we continue to kill our planet.